Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Dedication Page

Novella | U of South Carolina P | 1972
Transcription TO HARRY PLACIDE.
You have been, in your day and mine, as good as a thousand
comedies to me. Why should I not endeavor to requite you, after
a very poor fashion of my own? Yet will you not know, any more
than the Custom-House, when some repenting sinner of an importer
makes anonymous restoration of defrauded dues, whose conscience
it is from which this poor acknowledgment is drawn. It is, you may
be sure, a very sincere one, coupled with the single misgiving that
my little "Comedy" will scarcely prove half so agreeable to you, as
yours has ever been to me. Nevertheless, you excellent wretch, be
you grateful with the philosophy of Sancho, and look not the gift-
horse too narrowly in the mouth.