Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | U of South Carolina P | 1969
Transcription $15.00
SBN: 87249-140-4




This is the first volume in The Cen-
tennial Edition of the Writings of
William Gilmore Simms.
Voltmeier has never appeared in
book form. Written in 1868, it was
published in twenty-six weekly install-
ments in 1869. Set in "the border range
between South and North Carolina"
in the early years of the nineteenth
century, the novel gives Simms a
chance to depict the ordinary life of a
half-savage America, and he does so
with the grim, realistic humor that
remains his most obviously attractive
quality to a modern reader. But the
central character, Leonard Voltmeier,
is a complex and enigmatic figure,
such as Herman Melville might have
created. A German intellectual, he
masterminds a gang of outlaws while
living the life of a cultured Southern
landowner. The conflict between his
criminal and Jeffersonian life, never
reconciled, eventually brings about his

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