Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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General Preface to the Centennial Edition

Novel (Romance) | U of South Carolina P | 1969
Transcription viGENERAL PREFACE
scripts and material never before brought together in book form.
The first fifteen volumes of the Centennial edition include Voltmeier,
Stories and Tales, Paddy McGann and As Good as a Comedy, Social
and Political Essays (the first four volumes), a volume of selected
poetry and drama, two volumes of short novels, a selection of
literary essays, The Wigwam and the Cabin, Guy Rivers, Richard
Hurdis, Border Beagles, The Cassique of Kiawah, The Yemassee,
and a bibliography but not the Revolutionary Romances or the
Kentucky tragedy volumes, for instance, which will be added if
additional funds become available.
When so many have played significant roles in making the Cen-
tennial edition of Simms possible, only general debts of great magni-
tude can properly be acknowledged in this Preface to the edition as a
whole: to the late Alexander S. Salley, whose collection of Simms,
now in the South Caroliniana Library of the University of South
Carolina, is invaluable; and to Edd Winfield Parks and other mem-
bers of his 1960 committee Donald Davidson, C. Hugh Holman,
Louis D. Rubin, Jr., the late Randall Stewart, Arlin Turner, and
Mary C. Simms Oliphant whose early leadership was indispensable.
The Editorial Board wishes particularly to acknowledge its indebted-
ness to the Advisory Committee, created in 1964, who have given
unselfishly of their time and knowledge, always to the benefit of the
edition: Clarence Gohdes, Duke University, chairman; Matthew J.
Bruccoli, Ohio State University; Jay B. Hubbell, Duke University
emeritus; and Willard Thorp, Princeton University.

John Caldwell Guilds
March, 1968
Columbia, South Carolina