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Acknowledgments Page

Novel (Romance) | U of South Carolina P | 1969

The editors of this volume are very grateful to the following
scholars who assisted in the preparation of the introduction and
notes: Rupert E. Palmer and Heinrich Meyer of Vanderbilt Univer-
sity; Arlin Turner of Duke University; and Dean Emeritus Francis
W. Bradley of the University of South Carolina. Our especial thanks
are directed to the staffs of the South Caroliniana Library of the
University of South Carolina and the Joint University Library,
Nashville, for their unfailing courtesy and assistance. Financial
support for the preparation of the text was granted by the Committee
on the Humanities of Vanderbilt University and the Committee on
Research and Productive Scholarship of the University of South
Carolina. For their aid in connection with our research in the United
States Court records of the Allen Twitty case, we wish particularly
to thank Beverley S. Simms, David H. Dantzler, and Warren R.
Wilson. The assistance of Ralph Maultsby and Mrs. E. E. Barr
was invaluable in tracing geographical details and property deeds
in North Carolina. We are also grateful to Senator Strom Thurmond
and O. B. Hartzog for their assistance in making available to us
material for our background research.


NOTE: The death of Donald Davidson occurred on April 25, 1968,
when Voltmeier was in page proof. His early leadership was indis-
pensable to the initiation of a collected edition of Simms, and he never
failed to give generously of his time and knowledge once the project
was under way. The Centennial edition of Simms has lost one of its
most loyal and devoted supporters, and the Editorial Board a close
friend and irreplaceable co-worker.