Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Emendations and Textual Notes: As Good as a Comedy

Novel (Romance) | U of South Carolina P | 1972
changes made in the copy-text, along with all textual notes, including
notes on refusals to emend.
Proofs of the text of As Good as a Comedy were read at least five
times against copy-text (original or photocopy). All members of the
Editorial Board of the Centennial edition read proofs at least once.
In addition, the following graduate student research assistants of the
University of South Carolina English Department read proofs and
assisted with various editorial tasks: Karen Boyle, Thorne Compton,
George Ellison, Carl Ficken, Eileen Gregory, Lewis Hay, Tom
Johnson, Noel Polk, Jim West, and Margaret Yonce.
Special thanks for various kinds of textual assistance are due Dr.
William S. Kable, of the University of South Carolina English
Department, and Dr. Robert Bush.
Emendations and Textual Notes: is Good as a Comedy
Listed here are all changes made in the copy-text of As Good as
a Comedy. The original 1852 reading appears to the left of the
bracket, the emended Centennial edition reading to the right. Where
no bracket appears the reading is the same in both texts and the
refusal to emend is explained in parentheses. Where an explanation
of the change is necessary it follows in parentheses.
Burger ] Burger (See Explanatory Note for this line.)
and the ] the
demands ] demand
37.20 Who's (The meaning is "whose"; but Simms may have
intended to indicate word-play or eye dialect here.)
43.24 Fisher ] Owens (This is the first mention of the character
who is elsewhere called "Lazy Jake Owens," "Uncle Jake," and
"Charley Owens." It seems more likely that Simms originally
planned to call him Fisher, and later changed the name to Owens,
than that Ned Ramsey, who is speaking here, would have mistaken
the name.)
56.1 soul-hidden ] ti^ti
64.22 field." ]