Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Emendations and Textual Notes: As Good as a Comedy

Novel (Romance) | U of South Carolina P | 1972
Transcription As GOOD AS A COMEDY519
70.34 "Flourish and Nabob" ] "^'" '' "—"
82.23 tete-a-tete ] tete-a-tete
83.29 "Graystreak,
96.32 sham-faced ] shamefaced
97.4 scratch. The ] '', the
100.17 kd (See Explanatory Note for this line.)
100.25 `good-looking too.' " ] `good-looking' too."
115.12 d —1 ] d1
136.19 disappointed the ] disappointed by the (Another possibility
is "disappointed in the"; something is missing, and either word could
have been squeezed out of a tight line, since "disappointed" is the
last word of the line in the original text.)
150.title FETE ] FETE
159.5 bcsom ] bosom
161.12 wands ] viands
163.22 Baraddee (See Explanatory Note for this line.)
178.5 "Lodge"
179.14 dd i dd
199.26 Wapoo (The Tennessean is referring to the battle of Wahoo
Swamp, fought in November 1836. Though there is the possibility
of a compositorial or authorial slip here, it seems more likely that
the error, or mispronunciation, is deliberate on Simms's part, and a
feature of the dialect characterization of the speaker. There may
be an analogy, conscious or unconscious, with the Wapoo or Wappoo
Creek near Charleston.)
201.29 him.