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Emendations and Textual Notes: Paddy McGann

Novel (Romance) | U of South Carolina P | 1972
inking or damage to the originals of these files, or by poor repro-
duction of the photocopy, reference was made to a photocopy of the
original of the file of the Charleston Library Society.
Proofs were read at least five times, in galley or page proof,
against an original or photocopy of the text. All members of the
Editorial Board read proof, as well as the following graduate stu-
dent research assistants of the University of South Carolina English
Department: Karen Boyle, Thorne Compton, George Ellison, Carl
Ficken, Eileen Gregory, Lewis Hay, Tom Johnson, Noel Polk, Jim
West, and Margaret Yonce. In addition, special thanks are due, for
their work upon the original typescript, to Dr. William S. Kable of
the University of South Carolina English Department, and Dr.
Bush; and to Dr. Bush for his work upon the proofs.

Emendations and Textual Notes: Paddy McGann

Listed here are all changes made in the copy-text of Paddy Mc-
Gann. The original 1863 reading appears to the left of the bracket,
the emended Centennial edition reading to the right. Where no
bracket appears the reading is the same in both texts and the refusal
to emend is explained in parentheses. Where an explanation of the
change is necessary it follows in parentheses.

215.epigraph put ] but
2I5.epigraph [As ] ^~
215.epigraph IT.] ~^
216.31 dulce par niante ] dolce far niente
217.II racontour ] raconteur
218.3 mayily ] mazily
218.25 junk bottle (Qu: chunk?) ] junk bottle (Either "junk
bottle" or "chunk bottle" would be an acceptable reading, in the
context; the parenthetical phrase appears to be an editorial query,
probably added in proof and mistakenly added to the text. Cf.
Textual Note for 300.32.)
218.30 well-shriven (A smudge or spot between these two words
in all copies examined indicates the probability of a badly-inked
hyphen.See Explanatory Note.)
2 18.3 8visiters ] visitors
218.38when ] whom