Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription CARL WERNER99

" `It is from my uncle, old Ulrich Ottfried of Amsterdam, and he
writes for me to come to him immediately. The place he promised
me is at length vacant, and I must lose no time to secure it I must
leave you.'
" `Leave us, dear brother!' exclaimed Matilda.
" `Leave us, Herman!' said Carl.
"'Ay, leave you!' replied the brother, `leave you, to be sure.
Would you have me sit here, purring like a tame cat all my life,
when there I have a chance to be somebody, and see the great city.'
" `And will you leave us, Herman?' said the girl reproachfully,
and the tears stood in her eyes.
"'Pshaw, 'Tilda! no tears now, I beg you. They're not true
they're not natural. You know you won't miss me, and there's no
reason why you should. You have Carl there, and he'll be more to
you than ever I can be. He suits you better; and I know him too
well to be afraid to leave you to his hands.'
" `Dear Herman!' said Carl, `but you will not go soon—you will
stay to the wedding.'
" `I can't the letter, you see, urges my instant departure; and
I'm too anxious to get the place to risk the loss of it by any idle delay.
It's true, I'm sorry to part with you; but, as I said, I leave you both
in good hands. You love 'Tilda, and she loves you, and I believe
you will be quite as happy with each other, as if I looked on myself,
and saw all your happiness.'
"The hand of Carl pressed that of Matilda, and hers returned the
pressure, at these words. Carl then demanded of Herman when he
proposed to set forth. His prompt answer surprised and pained his
" `To-morrow,' said he, `at early dawn, I travel.'
" 'To-morrow!' exclaimed Matilda, `dear brother, you cannot
mean it!'
" `So soon, Herman!' said Carl.
"'Ay, to-morrow—so soon!' was the reply. `It's hard. I find it
harder than I thought, to leave you you, dear 'Tilda for you have
been a dear, sweet sister to me always; and you Carl, who have been
a brother after my heart's wish: I find it very hard to leave you, but
I can't help it; nor, indeed, if I could, would I. The place is every
thing to me, and I can make my fortune in it. My uncle, if I please