Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
"What is that fate?" was the faintly spoken inquiry that reached
his ears.
"You will know soon enough. His hour approaches."
"And I too am prepared for mine! I too can perish ! " were the
muttered accents which reached the retreating ears of the scowling
Juan. He turned and fixed a simple glance upon her pallid but proud
features. The glance was one of equal hate and mockery. It helped
to strengthen her, and her high spirit prepared itself for the worst.
"I was right, Sir," said Juan aloud, as he returned to the seat of
his uncle who had been watching with some curiosity the progress of
this conference, of which he heard not, of course, a single syllable.
"She is prudent and sensible. She will not interpose with prayer, or
argument, to balk the ends of justice. She will not meddle with his
There was something like disappointment in the dark malignant
features of Velasquez.
"Yet did she seem exceedingly slow in coming to her resolution!"
"By no means, Sir she was prompt enough; but—" here the
sentence was concluded in a whisper that reached only the ears of
Velasquez "but, it was my policy to persuade her, if possible, that
her entreaties might avert his fate. Could I have succeeded, it might
have served to confirm and strengthen our suspicions. But she is
firm—she may be guiltless! But of the guilt of Lopez there can be
no doubt. She denies not that."
Juan had his own motives for this statement. He did not despair
yet, of finally overcoming the resolution of the woman. His passion,
in this, somewhat baffled his judgment. But of this hereafter.
"Well, there is nothing left but to punish the one. Bring him
Juan retired the anxious soul of the lady followed his parting
footsteps, but her eyes maintained a steady and unfaltering gaze, as
before, neither resting upon, nor absolutely shrinking from the
countenance of Velasquez. The pilot was again summoned to the side
of the latter.