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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription [Flirtation at the Moultrie House, under the full title given below,
was issued by printer Edward C. Councell in Charleston in 185o.
Although Simms's name does not appear on the title-page, the present
editor follows William Peter field Trent and others in assigning
the epistolary tale to Simms. It is the one selection in the present
volume whose authorship cannot be proved; but internal evidence is
strong enough to support the conclusion that it was written by Simms.
Explanatory and Textual Notes begin on page 779.]
In a Series of Letters, from Miss Georgiana Appleby,
To Her Friends in Georgia, Showing the Doings
At the Moultrie House, and the Events
Which Took Place at the Grand Costume Ball,
On the 29th August, 1850,
With Other Letters.
The publisher happened upon these curious epistles in a strange
manner. They were found, in a small reticule, near the Steam
Boat Ferry Wharf, on last Saturday night, by one of the imps of the
printing office. It may be as easy for the reader, as the printer, to
guess at the circumstances which brought them all together in the
same budget. They may have been recovered by Miss Appleby from
Miss Sophronia Kirkland: or they may have been dropt by that
treacherous friend herself, on her way to or from the island; or they
may have got into third hands by a concurrence of circumstances
which we cannot explain. Of one thing, however, the curious may be
assured, that we print from the originals; they are all to be seen
at the office of the publisher.