Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Such fun as we have, and O ! Sophronia, so much flirtation as goes
on here. I never saw the like. There's Mrs. , but no! I wont
be scandalous. Only you should see the airs and graces, of that fright,
that odious face and figure, that Emily, whom we met at
Marietta. She is here, and cutting all sort of capers, and making as
much fuss about herself as if she had beauty, grace, taste, wealth, and
all the acomplishments at command. Such a flirting as she carries on,
but between us, the labor is altogether on her side. She forces herself
upon the young fellows, and is quite bold about it. The other day,
Augustus Colleton, made up a fishing party entirely on my account,
and, would you believe it, she followed us out into the piazza, and
brought up the subject of fishing, and said, the odious creature!
"And you are going a fishing to-morrow, Mr. Colleton. Oh! what a
happy time you will have. Fishing is one of the sweetest sports in the
world! I know nothing I love so well ! " What could he do but ask
her to become one of the party. Yet her anxiety arose only from the
fact, that she has set her cap for a Mr. S, a widower here,
a merchant, and a man of fortune, whom she has been following up
and down, without any prospect of success. You may think so, when
I tell you, that though he was one of the fishing party, he never
thought to ask her. Oh ! but we had a nice time of it. I caught more
than twenty whiting, a favorite fish here; and Augustus was so good
as to watch my line for me, and always to take them off of my hook.
Soph, my heart, I do begin to think I have got him, himself, upon
it. Oh! Lord, should it be so, my Soph, what in the world am I to
do with him?
You ask me, soul of my soul, "who is Augustus Colleton?" Did'nt
I tell you all about him already? Oh, he is the handsomest, modestest,
the sweetest gentleman in the whole world; and could I halve my
heart, could I rob my precious Sophronia of any, the most chee-
chee portion of it, I feel as if I could give that portion to Augustus.
He is tall and slender, and graceful, with the brightest black eyes,
and the glossiest black hair, and the bushiest black whiskers, and