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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
so fully respond to such a question, in his case, as mine. It was a
fancy only, my precious, that you loved him, or he you. Hearts
are united in heaven. Would heaven unite one to many, or to more
than one? That would be to destroy all the harmonies of earth.
No! where we think we love, when we can expect nothing in return,
we really do not love. It is a delusion. I know that you do not love
Augustus; you cannot, for he is wholly devoted to me. Ours is a
genuine passion, such as no one need mistake. Do not accuse me,
do not reproach me, love me as ever, my Georgiana. I could not
help what has been done. The heart of Augustus was linked to
mine in heaven, and I but obey the decree of heaven which draws
me irresistibly to him on earth. Once more, Georgy, forgive me,
and let us once more embrace as before.
Ever your
Miss Georgiana Appleby, to Miss Sophronia Kirkland.
Never, Sophronia! We can never be as we have been before to
each other, we had better never meet. Be happy if you can. I am
very willing to think that your loves are sanctioned by heaven. I
have made some mistakes with mine, perhaps. I have mistaken both
love and friendship. It must be my future care to commit no more
such mistakes. I do not reproach you. I have only to complain of
myself. I trust that you will make no mistakes in the matter of your
Miss Georgiana Appleby, Moultrie House, to her sister, Miss
Eudocia Appleby, Georgia.
Oh! sis, my child! I have seen the wreck of all my hopes and all
my happiness. Soph Kirkland is a traitor to friendship. She has
sacrificed her faith to me, at the pleadings of another. She has done