Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
worse. Oh! sis, she is a most treacherous creature. I. had made a
conquest. You heard. Augustus Colleton. He was so handsome,
so graceful, so attentive to me. She has inveigled him from me, and
me so confiding. He never would have abandoned me but for her
arts, her cunning, her most unwomanlike tricks. I caught him at
her feet, with one of her hands in his, and his arm about her waist.
I could only exclaim, "Oh! Soph ! " Could you have seen the blushes
of the guilty thing, and his confusion. The truth is, my sis, and
that makes me feel it so, he had been on his knees to me before!

oh ! the perfidious! I would not have him now, if he came with
wings, like an angel, and promised to carry me straight to paradise.
I am so vexed, and so sad; but they shall never see it. You would
be surprised how I stand it. But I must hurry. I am going to ride
with Mr. Meriwether, who is here. I begin to think he is one of the
handsomest men in the country, and he is so gentle, and truth and
fidelity look out in all his features. Good bye, sis, I think of coming
home next week.
Your affectionate sister.
Tom Appleby, Moultrie House, to his uncle, Edw'd S. Appleby, Esq.,
Georgia. DEAR UNCLE:
I shan't come now till October. Georgy lets me off from seeing
her home. Dick Meriwether will take that office on himself. It's all
fixed between them. He proposed to her last night and was accepted,
and if I might judge of Georgy's looks this morning, she has found
consolation in full for the loss of her former friend and lover. They
will stay a week longer. But Soph's conscience could'nt stand it. She
went off for Clarkesville this morning, with her old aunt, who really
sees nothing of what goes on, and hears as badly; and with Mr.
Colleton in attendance. I have no doubt they are shortly to be
married; but not a word do we hear on that subject. We are now all
getting on as smoothly as may be. The company here increases and