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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
improves, and we are in the best of spirits, busy preparing for a
series of tableaux for to-night, in which Dick and myself play con-
spicuous parts. So, no more for a week at least, from
Your affectionate nephew,
NOTE. Here the correspondence ends abruptly. We include the
report of the grand costume ball, at the Moultrie House, as com-
prised in one of the letters of Mr. Thos. Appleby, to his uncle. The
details, by the editor, may throw some light upon the previous
This splendid entertainment took place at the time appointed, on
the 29th of August. We have been seeking for some days to present
our readers with a fair, if not a full report of the proceedings; but
domestic and national politics have, to this moment, defeated our
desires, and wholly occupied all that portion of our columns not
devoted to business; and we are still compelled to limit the space
which we should otherwise accord to this fete, which we are pleased
to regard as one of the most favorable of the symptoms in our local
policy as significant, indeed, of the determination of our people,
hereafter, to seek their amusements, where they will always prove
most grateful when found, at home! Our readers, in the interior
as well as on the seaboard, are already in possession of the fact that
the Moultrie House, on Sullivan's Island, —a splendid mansion for
summer resort, and of very recent erection, has, at once, attained
the highest reputation, and has been thronged, the whole season,
with the most fashionable and attractive society. The guests of the
house itself were sufficiently numerous for a most magnificent turn-
out; and, but for the peevish little epidemic which has been making
sore the ribs and joints of our citizens for the last two or three
weeks, the crowd from the city and the interior would have swelled