Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription [The manuscript of this previously unpublished companion piece to
"How Sharp Snaffles Got His Capital and Wife" is in the Charles
Carroll Simms Collection of the South Caroliniana Library. Explan-
atory and Textual Notes begin on page 8o3.]
And How He Went Through the Flurriday Campaign!

A Legend of the Hunter's Camp
Second Saturday Night.
The second week was at an end. Saturday had come! We had
toiled, successfully, all the week; but Saturday, had been our
crowning glory. We had achieved two bucks, fat as shoats in a fine
mast season, a huge she bear, a doe, and two wild turkey gobblers;
and had come out, triumphantly, in a hand to hand fight with a
saucy panther who gave us battle from the jump; and the sun was yet
an hour from his setting!
Our amateurs sang cock-a-lory! They, too, had achieved some
goodly work, having done most execution in the struggle with the
The Colonel, who was the dandy, the Beau, par excellence of our
group, and who was supposed to be somewhat effeminate, had shown
genuine pluck; and, after giving the panther two mortal shots, had
the honour to be knocked over by the dying beast, and of bearing
off, as trophies of his valour, three deep scratches on face, arm and
bosom. He will swear by these to the day of his death!
All parties were duly exultant ! But how to get our "birds" down
the mountain to the camp? Our amateurs were puzzled.
Not so the hunters professional. Their ready wit, and long
experience, made them equal to all emergencies. The great she bear
was slung with leathern straps between two of the mounted men,
while panther, bucks and doe, each tasked a single rider; and we made
our way down in safety to our lonely hollow, between the gigantic
masses, on every hand, of the Balsam Mountains, while our little