Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY467
cataract, sent up to our ears a lively chaunt of welcome and rejoicing,
long before we came in sight!
All parties now went to work with a vim! It was cold weather, be
it remembered, and our amateurs, in spite of furs and flannels, were
made to shiver. Rousing fires were soon kindled, and, without taking
off our own, we very soon had stripped the jackets from the carcasses
of all our victims; and the work of dissection went forward, under
the dexterous butchery of the professional hunters, who are all
first rate butchers, as well as excellent tanners.
Of course, the peach and honey drams were not forgotten, and
these were freely imbibed, at moderate intervals, while the anatomists
went on with their work.
It was now a slash in the meat, and now a swallow from the
drink, and in the increasing rigours of the evening, no harm followed
from the frequency of our potations!
The preparations for supper went on also. Our cook knew his
task. The one employed, at present, enjoyed quite a reputation for
the excellence of his cuisine. He had joined our party during the
week; and, as the hunters very soon learn to know in what each
person is most an expert, "Bald Head Bill Bauldy"—otherwise
"William Bauldy"—at once received his appointment, as Chief Cook
and Bottle Washer during the encampment!
Bald Head Bill so called because of a head as clean of hair as
the palm of a damsel's hand; the scull polished as marble, and
shining bright in the sun, as a sudden moonlight had distinguished
himself in the army; but much more as a cook than a soldier! Of
this hereafter.
He wore a wig of monstrous dimensions; a great shaggy mass
of reddish brown hair, by which his natural deficiencies of cranium,
were concealed. It was only as a favour to the amateurs of the party
that he showed his naked skull, to illustrate the truth of the story
which he subsequently told us of his experiences and adventures in
the "FLURRIDAY WAR." But of all these matters, anon!
Well, you will please suppose supper at an end, and our hunters
all happy and at ease, around a roaring fire; that our tent, pitched
behind us, is amply supplied with convenient mattresses and any
quantity of blankets, shawls and wrappers; that we can lie with our
feet to the fire, or sit grouped around it, and spin our yarns to the