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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 472BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
Here Henry's story, or anecdote, reached its final conclusion.
While he was telling it, we noted that "Bald Head Bill" was restless
and fidgetting, showing himself somewhat impatient, and evidently,
with difficulty, restraining himself from interrupting the narrator.
But, as soon as the Major had finished, he cried out,
"I'll be dod-derned, Major, but you've got hold of a leetle piece
of my history of the campaign I had in Goodwyn's Rigimint in the
Flurriday War ! You've hearn me tell it, fellows, more'n a dozen
"Yes, to be sure; that's true, Bauldy;" was the cry from several.
"I'm very sorry," said Henry, "to have used up any of your
thunder, Bauldy; but, I certainly never heard of your Florida
Campaign; and I reckon there's several others here that never heard
it. I move you, `Big Lie!' that `Bald Head Bill' shall tell us his
adventures in that same campaign, and we shall then see how much
like his alligator is to that of my African Prince, Cudjo."
The motion was seconded, and "BIG LIE" gave the order.
Bauldy, so eager before, was now disposed to play the bashful;
but, after some petty affectations, he consented, and proceeded after
the following fashion.
How Bauldy Volunteers to Fight the Seminoles.
First Fight with a Bear.
"Well, fellows and you Gentlemen, you all ricollects, I reckon,
about the great Flurriday War, with the Siminole Inj ins, not quite a
hundred years ago. You remember thar was all sorts of great fighting,
and skrimaraging in that country, and no great deal of killing on any
side, 'cepting the massacree of Dade's Regiment of 'riglars, that let
themselves be cotched in a dern'd ambuscado, when the Ingins
chawed 'em up to a man.
"The poor fellows fit well, though, but had no chaince; and the
Siminoles jist popped 'em down and sculped 'em, as of they had
been so many rabbits in a ring! I dont reckon, with all their cannon
and shooting, they killed a single red skin.