Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 482BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
"Well, he jist missed me, you see; but the thing warn't to eend
thar. I know'd he'd be looking a'ter me yet, and what was I to do;
without no we'pon to fight; and mighty leetle stomach for it, a'ter
eating so hairty a dinner and smoking them long nines!
"I don't know as how I did any much thinking jist then! It was
all feelin' and skear! My hairt was in my mouth! But I laid close,
flat as a terrapin to the ground, with my head drawed into my
shoulders, jist making as leetle show as possible.
"I waited and listened! I haird nothing! But I felt sure the cussed
red skin was a-working all round me, like a painther, and feeling his
way, leetle by leetle, along my tracks.
"Soon I haird a stick crack, and the dry leaves rattle, but I didn't
dar' to look up. But all on a suddent, I felt him plump upon my
back ! He had jist jumped like a painther upon me, and I know'd
my time was up, and I caved in for. dead, with all the `misery' in
my. innards.
"In another minit, his fingers waur in my wool that is, in my
wig, and I reckon in a minit more I'd ha' felt his knife working
round my head; but the wig come off, in his hands, and I haird
him cry out
" `Hegh ! A-poo-coola chee !'
"And with that he jumped off my back, jist as suddent as he hed
jumped on, and I haird him a running.
"Then I looked up, and seed him guine at full speed, with the wig
in his hand, and he run a'most fifty yards afore I seed him stop and
git behind a tree!
"I was a-thinking to git up and driv at him, jist as I was, without
any we'pon, thinking, you see, how I had driv off the b'ar, by a fair
"But I hedn't the hairt for it, and my cigars had gin out! I jist
had to lie close and watch for him, with my head jist lifted high
enough to see over the bushes. Meantime, as my head begin to feel
a leetle bit coolish, I tuk my t'other wig out of my pocket, and clapt
it on!
"And so I laid, and waited and watched; and soon I sighted the
red rascal sneaking round agin, jist as he did before. But I seed him
only for a minit, as he worked his way round the tree, and was
kivered by the bushes.