Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY483

"Well, I reckon, a full quarter of an hour must hev slipt by —I
thought it an hour, when suddently, I felt the savage beast on top
of me agin, coming down at a jump. Then I haird him cry out agin
" `Hegh ! A-coola-la ! Coola-la : Etch ee-ma-la-la !'
"In his own sarpent-like way of speaking, twas bekaise he seed I
hed as good a head of hair on as ever, in spite of the sculp he tuk
before! He jerked agin at my wig, and off it come in his hands, and
then he bolted agin, and took fairly to his heels, for another hundred
"By this time, I begin to think how twas. You see, the red rascal
thought I was a white witch or wizard, may be, and they're mons'ous
afeard of witches.
"Dern his buttons! he hed now got both of my wigs and I hed
no more. I could guess that he waur a studying them wigs behind
the tree. What his studies come to, I kaint say : but I warn't to git
off. He come at me agin, but didn't jump upon me this time. He
squatted on me, right across my back, astraddling me, as ef I was a
horse, and he poked me in the side with his knife, sticking me a
leetle only, but meking me feel mighty oncomfortable.
"Well, I twisted about onder him, and then he laughed like
a great frog, and got up and turned me over with his feet, till his face
looked fairly into my face !
"Then he made a motion for me to stand up, and when I did so,
he tuk one wig a'ter the other, and clapt one on his own head and
tother on mine. And oh ! Lawd ! how the conseeted rascal laughed at
the ideee!
"But twan't for long! He soon shook his tomhog over my head,
and p'inted me to march.
"And so I knowd I was captivated by the Siminoles and I was all
over in a trimble, thinking of the captivation of poor Gineral Dade,
and all his rigiment, and how they waur all massacreed.
"But I must licker now! I feel all over, when I think of that
time, as ef the cussed knife of that red skin waur about to wipe its
way clean round my forehead, sculp or no sculp ! I must licker to
ease off my feelings! Hyar's to you, fellows, and may you never hev
sich a feeling as I hed about that time when I was captivated!"