Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 486BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
For, you see, them red skins are mighty quick about the business when
thar's massacreeing to be done. They makes mighty short work of
it, and don't give a fellow much time, ef its only to say his prayers!
"And so twas with me. A'ter they had tired themselves down with
studying my head and wigs, and I reckon that every man, woman
and child, had a feel of my head; they went into a sawt of consult,
or counsel, and, a'ter some long and tall talking, they come to me, and
they looked into my face and eyes, and walked round me several
times; then a sawt of Priest, or Prophet, come along, and he went
round me, throwing up his hands and making a great howling.
"Says I to myself, says 1—'It's my funeral ceremonies they're
a'ter now!'
"Sure enough ! Three strong young fellows seized upon me from
behind, and in less than three minnits, they had tied me up to a
young sapling. The dern'd red skins hed found out that I warn't
no wizard, and not much of a sodger; and I'll be dern'd ef one of
'em didn't absolute spit in my face! Oh! how I wanted to knock him
"But my airms were tied, you see, and my body was tied, and I
was stropped agin the tree, not so tight but I could twist about a
"Then who should come up but a dozen leetle brats of boys, not
one of 'em more than ten years old. And they had their leetle bows
and arrows, and they crack'd away at me, twelve steps off; and some
of the arrows hit me in the breast, and some in the face, and one of
'em a'most brushed my eye; and some of the arrows hed leetle
spikes in 'em, and when these touched me, and I'd twist about, and
wriggle like, how the leetle red divils would laugh and yell as ef they
had done great things!
"They was at me, in this way, for a good half hour, the old
warriors looking on and setting 'em on, jist as you'd set a five-puppy
on a rooting pig!
"But, on a suddent, thar was a divarsion in my favour. Before
any body could say Jack Robinson, an old squaw, that looked as ef
she was a thousand years old, the ugliest old hag you ever did
see, she comes up, and stands betwixt the boys and me; and behind
her comes a young woman, that I reckon was her da'ter, and she
carried a papoose on her back, and the old woman, she hits me with