Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY487
her fist three good polks right in my face. Then there was a great
grunt from the men, the warriors. And they all cried out
" `Hegh ! '
"But nobody did nothing. Then the old woman whipt out a knife,
and she cut the grape vines that tied me. Then she gin me, I reckon,
a dozen sound blows, one a'ter another, all in the face, and she motions
me to the young woman and the child. And, without more ado, they
strops the leetle red brat on my back, and I knows from that, thet
I'm to be a child minder. Oh! I felt so mean!
"But when I considered that I warn't to be burnt alive, or torn-
hogged, or shot to misery, by them cussed leetle red skins, I felt
easier in my hairt and conscience; and I tuk the child, and thinking to
please the old woman and the young one, I made much of the brat,
tho' it was about the ugliest, dirtiest little mawmouth that I ever did
see; and it smelled, for all the world, like an old pole cat in
September! "
How the Alligator Relieves Bauldy of the Papoose.
"Now, my friends, jist you consider, for one minnit, the change
in my fortin! Thar was I, only a few months ago, a sprigh young
fellow, dashing away among the gals, and pretickilarly cavorting
about Susannah Sykes, the purttiest critter, of the woman kind, in
all Lexington District!
"Then you sees me next, mounted on my mar', Polly Hopkins,
with a bran new coatee and breeches, boots and spurs, cap on my head,
and sabre at my side, pushing down with six hundred more handsome
fellows, under Col. Goodwyn, to fight the red skins in Flurriday!
"A'ter that, and when the cussed red rascals, shot my mar', you
sees me marching on my own two legs, among the infantry! Then,
bekaise I was a bad hand for foot-walking, when the order was
'double quick,' I was permoted to be Chief Cook, of the Gineral and
his staff !
"And thar', in that honorable cumpassity, you sees me inj oying the
good things of the grand table, a'ter the ossfers had done; thar'
I had, day by day, the old Jamaica and other lickers, and a good hand-