Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 490BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
"Yes!" he continued "Two hundred or fifty five, or it mout be
only twenty five or sixty, I kin tell you he was big enough for any
pusson hyar, no matter what his gairth might be!
"And thar he was, with the brat in his jaws, moving off for the
river, at a double quick. I could see the heels of the leetle red skin,
hanging out of one side of his jaws, and the head out of the other;
the mouth wide open, and screeching at every squeeze the beast gin
How the Alligator Runs Away with Bauldy.
Bauldy, here, professing to be quite overcome by his feelings,
solicited our sympathies, and we all liquored together.
After a long, deep groan, he resumed as follows:
"You may jedge, men, of my feelin's and sitivation ! You sees the
dangers of my sitivation! Ef that brat of a papoose was carried off
by the alligator, what was to become of me What was my chaince,
for keeping in the flesh, or holding my soul safe in my body? Jist
none at all! Pd be beat, and kicked, and knifed, and sculped, and torn-
hogged, and shot to death with arrows, and burnt into the airms of
etarnity, with pitch pine knots!
"I know'd all this, and, quick as a jerk, I jumped up, and made a'ter
the alligator! I screeched too, with the hope to skear him, but that
only made him run the faster, holding on to the red papoose, as ef
he loved it.
"Fortenittly, I was closer to the river than him, and as I was fast
as a runner, though slow at `double quick,' I double quicked my
running, and got up to him, jist as he slipped into the river.
"Right away, I jumped upon his back and straddled him!
"Now, as God's my Jedge, I never haird before that ere story of
Major Henry, about Col. McCord, and the Congaree nigger boat-
man, Cud j o.
"But Natur tell'd me what to do!
"I straddled the beast in the small of his back, doubled my legs
onder his belly, and gin him my heels, with all my might. Onluckily,
I hed no spurs! I mout ha' done better ef I had! But I did the