Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 492BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
through his leather, betwixt the j'ints, but the cussed red skins, when
they captivated me, hed tuk my knife, three dollars in gould, my
tobacco box and pipe, and I reckon three good long nines! And thar'
was a fortygraph of Susannah, and she a gal of only twenty seven.
It didn't look a bit like her, hows'ever; so I didn't kear so much for
the loss of that!
"But, without no knife, and tied up as I waur, I could do nothing
but work my fingers in the cussed brute's sockets. All the time, the
land was gitting further and further off, on both sides. But the beast
went on, guine down stream all the time, and giving out a great
bellow, whenever I'd work my thumbs about his peepers.
"But, all on a suddent, he stopt short, and made a motion to wheel
about. I soon Yarned what was at the bottom of his change of thinking.
"A terrible great bellow, from another beast, sounded in my ears,
close on my left, and then I haird a rush through the waters, jist
like fifty wild horses waur a-rushing through the woods!
"Twas another alligator, full speed a'ter my stallion.
"Now, at first, twant easy to say, of he was a'ter me, or at my alli-
gator! You know that the great king alligators, has, every one of
'em, a sawt of territory of his own. Thar he rules, and no one dar
say Who is you?' He's king, I tell you, all thar, in that country!
"Now, from all I could Tarn in the country, the case was this.
My water-stallion, not seeing well whar he was guine, had gone
down into the enemy's country; and the king of that country was
a'ter him with horse, foot artillery, dragoons and the rest.
"The strange King-'Gator, come along rushing, and bellowing
like thunder! At first my stallion tried to turn about and run back, as
I tell you; but, I reckon, I was a-hurting his peepers jist then, and
keeping him on his track. Finding he couldn't git off, he faced about
for a fight. I reckon he was a brave beast, though I rode on his back!
"And the two great bull alligators drove at each other, with a
wicked will! Sich a bellowing ! Sich a churning of the water ! It was
all foam, and it splashed up into my eyes and over my face and head
and shoulders, jist like a sudden souse coming down from one of our
mountain falls, a hundred feet or more!
"And now they rushed agin each other, and I was terribly jostled
between 'em when their hard sides come together. The great beast
that was attacking us, made a mighty plunge at me, I'm a-thinking,