Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 494BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
as I had ixicuted that grand army manoover; taking him in both
flanks, and buckling close to his body; I stuck my thumbs into his
peepers, without onst axing him, `by you leave, old Gentleman!'
"With that he squirmed all over, as ef he hed a spasm in his
bowels; and then he broke out in sich a bellow as shook the river to
its very bottom; and it was c'lar to me that he hed lost all his
stomach for the fight, as he let my old stallion make off at the rate,
I reckon of fifty miles an hour more or less!"
The Great Bull Alligator Goes Down with Bauldy into the
Bottomless Depths.
"Now, my friends, jest consider me in my new sitivation! I do
think that was the greatest horse swap that ever I made in all my
born and living days ! My first stallion was pretty much broke down;
and I reckon his eye sight warn't the best! What with the ride he hed
taken onder me; and the spurring and gouging; and the fight with
the other fellow; who did give him some heavy blows; he was in
no fix for much more travel thet night.
"My other stallion, that I got in the swap, was, as I tell you, good
for five hundred miles, more or less from day peep to sundown!
"Lawd ! It would hev blessed your innards to hev seen how we
went down the river under my whip and spur; Chet is under my
gouging and kicking! The other stallion warnt a sarcumstance to the
new one, and, as we went, shooting away, like a rocket, I begun to
feel mighty proud, and to think over my swap, jist as happy, as ef
I hed traded off a bloody, sore backed, lazy mule, fourteen years old,
for the finest blooded racer that ever old Johnson brought out from
old Virginny !
"But whar was I guine, at this grand speed of my stallion? The
Lawd only knows ; and, heving nothing and nobody else to trust to,
why, you see I was forced to lean upon him! I knowd I was guine
down stream, not up ; and that I was leaving my red skin captivators
fur behind me; the cussed old woman, and the etarnal leetle brat of
a papoose that smelled so like a polecat! Thar was a satisfaction in
them thinkin's!