Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription 496BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY
in my head and in my innards ! I was a gonner! I know'd I was guine
down all the time, on that cussed Bull alligator's back, and he holding
on to me, never onst letting go, with his rascally scaly tail tying my
knee and thigh fast to the saddle.
"I kicked; I twisted; I tried all ways; but nothing would do!
I'd ha' givin all in the world jest to get one breath of air: but no!
and I jest give in! I could do no more. Saysa gonner at
last!' Who'd ha' thought it! And I so young a man! A man what
had hairdly seen the world, and had no wife! and Susannah Sykes
a widow woman left behind me to git what husband she could-
prehaps to marry some dern'd impudent trooper of my old rigiment!
Oh! Lawd ! O ! Lawd! to deliver myself to death, without making
any fight of it! Without any chaince to fight! 'Twas mighty haird.
"And then the thinking! Lawd a massy! It did seem to me, as of
every thing wicked I ever did, in all my life, come up to my recollec-
tion; from the time of stealing apples and peaches out of old Geiger's
orchard, to the time when Sarah Grimes and me, was caught in the
thunder storm, and
"But thar's no need to be telling about that! She's married off
now, and hes three children !
"Well! But
"As I was telling you, down I went, on that cussed critter's back,
'tell I thought I was in the very bowels of the airth ! and then I
stopt short! I couldn't think, nor see, nor breathe, nor do nothing
but die! I felt a thousand fingers squeezing my throat. I felt a
thousand hands a squeezing in towels down my throat! I felt Death
all over ! I was dead! dead! dead! and I hed no more feelin' of
the sitivation!
"But, all on a suddent, I waked up, and felt my feet a scraping on
hard ground! The bull alligator was still onder me; but, he seemed
to shuffle me off, and then I haird him bellow out, like the King
of all the Buffaloes, onder a misery of the innards.
"And then I haird no more!
"And then I seemed to be sleeping! and I reckon I did sleep ; for
I waked up at last; —I warn't dead; —1 aint dead yit; I waked up
at last, and found myself on the beautifulest sandy beach of a sawt
of island, you ivir did see.
"Whar was I?