Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY497
"I seed nothing! I haird no alligator ! I looked round and listened.
Thar warnt a sound. Not a leaf twinkled ! Not a breath stirred ! Not
a bird sang ! Not a beast bellowed; and all I could hyar was jest a
leetle sawt of onderground singing, like some body that sings softly,
and is a crying all the time. This, I soon knowed, was the sound of
the leetle billows that broke over the sands and whistled in the
great conchs that waur scattered all over the beach about me.
"But soon, I haird nothing, not even the waters, for I felt myself
suddenly overkim with sleep; and I went off into a doze; into a
drowse; and then into a big sleep, thet wrapt me up in its arms, jest
as ef I was a baby, jest done suck at its mammy's buzzom ! "
Bauldy, After a Series of Serious Experiences, Is Made Captive by
the Calypso of Flurriday; a Type Unknown to Ulysses.
"I waked up a'ter a long stretch of sleep, to feel the river jist
playing about my feet.
"I felt stronger! But at first, I only crawled away, higher up the
sands, to git out of the reach of the water. I hed enough of water
a'ready, for one day.
"A'ter awhile, a'ter crawling a hundred yards or so, I sot up,
and looked about me. 'Twas jest before sun setting.
"I could see I was on a sawt of island. The sands waur bright and
shiny; and they jist sloped up gradywally ontill they come to a grand
forest of the biggest trees I ever did see. Thar was oak and laurel
among 'em; the tops so high, that you could see the skies fair resting
on 'em, jist as ef they hed been so many pillars.
"Soon I felt strong enough to git up and walk, and I pushed for
them big trees. Twas beautiful shady, and when I got fairly into
the woods, I begin to hyar all sawts of noises, of birds and beasts too,
I reckon.
"Thar was all sawts of singing; and soon I seed the beautifulest
birds a-flying all around me; birds of all colours; some they called
pair-o-kites, and other kinds, I never seed or haird tell of before !
Then thar was a continyall barking and bouncing about of the
squari'ls; but I seed no harmful beasts, and not even a snake!