Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | U of South Carolina P | 1974
Transcription BALD-HEAD BILL BAULDY509
"Then she motioned to me to come to her, and when I did so,
suddent she whisked her tail around me, and drawed me into her
lap! And then she bussed me, mighty affectionate; drawing the
blood from my mouth, for with every buss, she always gin a leetle
bite! The infarnal critter was j ist a trying to see ef my blood and
flesh, feeding as I was, on fish and eysters, was ready for her de-
wouring! I onderstood it all!
"And, though she hugged me close, and bussed me so keen, I could
see that thar was a sawt of twinkle of suspicion in her eyes, as ef she
begun to think that I was suspicioning her!
"I was dreadful oneasy, but I did my best to make b'lieve, I was
as fond of her as she waur of me ! But I hardly sleept a wink that
night, thinking of the skillytones, in that dark wood, and what
chainces thar waur before me, to git out of my perdicament!
"But the Lawd was marciful! The very next a'ternoon, when she
went out to bathe, and swim, and cavort, and I hed to go out to see
her, though she couldn't git me to come in the water, thar was a
mighty change. Some thing happened, what twas I never could
guess, that put an eend to my captivation and skear.
"When she went down to the river, heving a hundred bull alli-
gators following close a'ter her, and jist as many running before, I
followed slow behind, the leetle sentinel alligators sticking close to
me one.
"I jist went down to a leetle sandy flat, kivered by the shade of
three big palmeto's, and laid myself down, it may be about a hundred
yards from the water.
"Then the cussed leetle spy alligators, they laid themselves down
all about me. I could see the river, all in front, and I could see the
Queen of the Mar'maids, every now and then, as she flashed through
the water and cavorted! But I hairdly cared to look; and I was
fair blind with thinking of my captivated sitivation, and them thou-
sand skillytons; when, all on a suddent, I haird the greatest uproar
in the river.
"Twas the roaring of ten thousand bull alligators; and the whole
river was churned into white foam, and the noise was awful !
"And I could see the Queen of the Mar'maids, tossing her long
arms in the air; and I could see her tail fairly curling, like a bow
over her head; and off she went like a shot from a rifle, pushing down