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Speech | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 24
the incendiary spark in the tender bosom of the child.
And here, Sir, is " The Emancipator," a large and hand-
some paper. And that you may understand the spirit
and principles which it inculcates, I will read to the
House a paragraph from a number dated New York,
Nov., 1835.
"TUE ALTERNATIvE.�William Wertenbaker, Assistant P. M. and Librarian of the University of Virginia, gives notice that he has committed to the flames a copy of ` Human Rights' we sent him, and very gravely
asks, 'Which of the two do you prefer--a perpetuity of slavery, or a dissolution of the Union ?' The latter, we say, by all odds, if we must
choose. We are for union, but not with slavery. We will give the Union for the abolition of slavery, if nothing else will gain it ; but if we cannot gain it at all, then the South is welcome to a dissolution�the sooner the better. The slaveholders may as well understand, first as last, that 'The Union' may have other uses to them than that of a lash to shake over the heads of Northern freemen."
It speaks for itself. I make no commentary.
Here, Sir, is a pamphlet called the " Anti-Slavery Re-
porter," published monthly, I believe, by this Society.
Here is a " Quarterly Anti-Slavery Magazine," of very
respectable size, edited by Elizar Wright, Jr. Here is
a pamphlet entitled " Anti-Slavery Hymns," of which
there are nineteen. They purport to be for the use of
the " Monthly Concerts for the Enslaved" in the city
of New York, and the publication of a more copious
collection in Boston is announced. Here is a small
book entitled "Juvenile Poems." It contains, besides
a great number of doggerel articles of the most in-
flammatory character, some nine or ten disgusting
prints, all of which are designed "for the use of free
American children of every complexion." Here is a
pamphlet written by a " elan of Color," and here are
a quantity of Sermons, Essays, Reports, Letters, &c.,
&c., all intended for the same incendiary purposes.