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Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond, of South Carolina >> Message to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, Nov. 28, 1843 >> Page 68

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Transcription 68
for the purchase of arms and military equipments. I
have had no occasion to use this fund. The arsenals
and magazines already contain more munitions of war
than the State will probably ever require for service ;
and the Federal Government annually furnishes a
quota of arms valued at from six to eight thousand
dollars. This quota is rated in muskets ; but by a
provision in the Act of Congress these may be com-
muted, on application of the Executive of the State, for
other arms and equipments. A judicious use of this
resource will enable the State always to keep up a
proper assortment of munitions of war without the
expenditure of a dollar. I have this year taken ad-
vantage of it to equip the Marion Artillery Company
in Charleston, by commuting about a thousand dollars
which would otherwise have been expended out of this
appropriation. I recommend that the appropriation
be withdrawn, and the portion of Act of 1833 author-
izing it, repealed.
In his last annual Message, my immediate predeces-
sor urged on you the necessity of a reorganization of
the Executive Department of the State. I invite you
to a re-perusal of his remarks. In all that he has said
I give my entire and cordial concurrence, and earnestly
recommend a serious consideration of the subject. I
think, too, that a reorganization of all the officers con-
nected with the Executive Department is as impera-
tively required. The circumstances which led to a
division of them between the Seat of Government and
the City of Charleston having ceased to exist, the
division should cease also. The Rail-Road has brought
them so near together that they might be reunit ed
with little inconvenience to any one, and much to the