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Transcription 73
each a good Academy. If, thereafter, one thousand
dollars a year were appropriated to each Academy, a
teacher of the highest qualifications might be secured
for every one, and a saving of about eight thousand
dollars per annum effected by the State. If, in addi-
tion to this salary, the profits of his School were also
given to the Teacher, the rates of tuition. could be
reduced, to the advantage of the tax-payers, and he
might be required to instruct, free of charge, such
poor scholars as should be sent to him. The details
of such a system cannot be dwelt on here. The im-
mense advantages of it over the present one, are
obvious, at a glance. The opportunity of giving a
thorough academical education to his children would
be placed in the hands of every parent of ordinary
means, while such of the poor as really desired to edu-
cate theirs, might still have it in their power. The
common schools would be vastly improved, under the
superintendence of those who had passed through these
Academies, while the standard of education would be
immensely elevated throughout the State, and the
College receive a new impulse in the dispensation of
its incalculable blessings. Its Professorships could al-
ways be readily and ably supplied from among the
accomplished teachers the Academies would develop,
and its graduates of high attainments, but slender
means, would in turn find useful and profitable em-
ployment in taking charge of the Academies, instead
of crowding, as they now usually do, the other profes-
sions. In short, under such a system, it would be
scarcely possible for any young man to grow up in our
State in ignorance and idleness, or fail in obtaining a
respectable settlement at home, if he possessed energy