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Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond, of South Carolina >> Message to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, Nov. 28, 1843 >> Page 74

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Transcription 74
and worth. Should it not meet your approbation,
and the Free School System be continued, I renew the
recommendation of my immediate predecessor for the
appointment of a Superintendent of these Schools.
In obedience to another of your Resolutions of the
last Session, I have made very particular inquiries into
the condition of the Catawba Indians. I visited
their neighborhood myself, during the summer, and
conversed with most of their head men. There is
quite a misapprehension as to the diminution of their
number, since the last treaty. It arose probably from
the circumstance, that a considerable portion of them
have removed to North Carolina, and taken up their
residence, for the present, among the Cherokees of that
State. It would undoubtedly be better for them, if all
could go there and become absorbed in that well-
regulated and flourishing remnant of the Cherokee
tribe. But to this the authorities of North Carolina
object, and it would be manifestly improper for us to
send them into a sister State against her wishes. Un-
less they could be prevailed on to allow themselves to
be removed beyond the Mississippi, to lands to be pro-
cured for then by the State, I know of no better
arrangement, for the present, than to continue the ex-
periment now going on. A Farm has been purchased
for them, on which nearly all now in the State have
settled. Your annual appropriation supplies all their
necessary wants, and whatever they make by their
own labor, is clear gain to them. I transmit herewith
two Memorials which have been furnished at my re-
quest, giving an interesting history of this Tribe, from
its emigration from Canada in 1860, to the present
day, and also detailing the manner in which the present