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Correspondence | John F. Trow & Co.; The Reprint Company | 1866, 1978
Transcription 113
taught him. Has slavery been a curse to him ? Can
you think God has ordained it for no good purpose ?
or, not content with the blessings it has already
bestowed, do you desire to increase them still ? Be-
fore you act, be sure your heavenly Father has revealed
to you the means. Wait for the inspiration which
brought the Israelites out of Egypt, which carried
salvation to the Gentiles.
I have written you a longer letter than I intended.
But the question of slavery is a much more interesting
subject to us, involving, as it does, the fate of all that
we hold dear, than anything connected with John L.
Brown can be to you ; and I trust you will read my
reply with as much consideration as I have read your
I have the honor to be, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
To the Rev. Thomas Brown, D.D., Moderator of the Free Church of Glasgow, and to the Presbytery thereof.