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Documents | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 99
tion of our treaty of amity and peace with that power
to receive Texas into the Union. It is at least a ques-
tion, whether the United States has not a claim to
Texas paramount to any to which Mexico can pretend.
It may also be questioned, whether the terms on which
Texas united with the Mexican Republic, and formed
a Department of it, did not entitle her of right to
withdraw whenever she saw proper. Be that as it
may, she has in fact dissolved the connection, and has
been recognized as an Independent Power, by the
United States, England, France, Belgium, and Hol-
land. A jury of nations has pronounced a divorce,
and Mexico has abstained for eight years from at..
tempting to revive the union by the ordinary means
of force of arms. Her claims cannot now be re-
garded as anything short of frivolous. That the poli-
tical sensibility of the United States should now hang
a point of honor on these claims, and thereby throw
away an empire, must appear to all the world ex-
tremely romantic, if not ridiculous. While Russia is
by incessant war extending her overgrown dominion
into the rugged steppes of Tartary ; while France
sheds torrents of blood, and spends millions of trea-
sure, to conquer a foothold on a sterile coast of Africa,
and, stretching across two oceans, opens her batteries
on the female sovereign of a petty island at the anti-
podes, to establish her supremacy there ; and while
England with rapacious hand despoils Eastern princes
of province after province, and even condescends to
accept a kingdom on the Musquito shore, as a legacy
from a barbarian chief ; that the United States should,
from mere delicacy, refuse a proffered territory of
three hundred thousand square miles, embracing the