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Documents | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 100
most fertile soil on the globe, and peopled by her own
children, cannot be otherwise regarded than as abso-
lutely Quixotic. Europe, while rejoicing at such an
unexpected event, is so utterly incapable of appreciat-
ing these sublimated notions of national faith, as not to
hesitate to ascribe it solely to the influence of party
spirit, and note it as a fresh evidence of the instability
of our institutions. That party spirit may have had
some influence in the rejection of this treaty, is prob-
I able. But the main, and most powerful reason, un-
doubtedly was the deadly animosity of a portion of
this Union to our domestic slavery, and the fear of
extending and perpetuating it. This reason has been
openly avowed by nearly the whole press of the non-
slaveholding States ; by their public lecturers, by their
most distinguished orators, and by the Legislatures of
several States--particularly that of Massachusetts
whose resolutions I transmit to you, in which is
strongly intimated the expediency of dissolving the
Union of these States, on this very ground, if Texas is
f Scarcely any circumstance could have furnished so
striking a proof of the deep-seated hostility of every
portion, and almost every individual, of the North, to
our system of Slavery, and their fixed determination
to eradicate it, if possible, as the rejection of this treaty,
and the arguments by which they justify it. In every
point of view, save one, the acquisition of Texas was
of more consequence to the North than to the South.
To them it gave an increase of commerce ; a fresh
market for their manufactures ; another vent for popu-
lation ; new subjects on whom to levy tribute. To us,
security, only ; and security at an immense sacrifice in