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Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond, of South Carolina >> Message to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, Nov. 26, 1844 >> Page 102

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Documents | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 102.
interests. It has even been thought that the organized
Abolition vote might decide the pending Presidential
election ; and both parties at the North have been
charged with endeavoring to conciliate it for their can-
didate. While England, encouraged by these move-
ments, and exasperated by our Tariff laws, is making
avowed war on us, that she may strike a blow at those
who are more our enemies than hers.
Though all these efforts may fail to coerce Congress
to pass ate Act of Emancipation, and can hardly suc-
ceed in organizing an extensive insurrection among our
slaves, it cannot be disguised that they are doing mis-
chief here, and may soon effect irreparable injury.
They must be arrested. It is indispensably necessary
that they should be arrested in the shortest possible
period of time. The question is, How is this to be
done ? Argument and remonstrance are clearly useless.
All appeals to sympathy, to interest, and to the guar-
antees of the Bond of Union, have failed, as yet, and
j will, I have no doubt, continue to fail. Seeing, as we
of the South do, the naked impossibility of emancipa-
tion, without the extermination of one race or the
other, through crimes and horrors too shocking to be
mentioned leaving a devastated. land covered with
ashes, tears, and blood —I cannot doubt that you will
be justified by God and future generations, in adopting
any measures, however startling they may appear, that
will place your rights and property exclusively under
your own control, and enable you to repel all interfer-
ence with them, whatever shape it may assume. And
as you incur a danger of no ordinary character one
so subtle and insidious in its approaches that there is
no ascertaining how soon it may be too late to resist it