Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Poetry | The Reprint Company; Samuel Hart, Sen. | 1845, 1983
Transcription ( 289 )
graver tone than usual ; it was his fiercest bolt, and he
knew that a show of feeling would send it home. Then,
after pausing a moment, he hurried out of the room

THERE'S music in the air
That bathes in light the proudly rolling earth,
Among the stars she found her primal birth :
Still dwells she there !

Throughout the mystic choirs
Pours forth the solemn harmony of night,
Expanding, swelling, with the spreading light
Of heavenly fires.

In ocean's heaving breast,
Peals the wild chorus of the winds at play,
And music quivers on the glancing spray,
The blue sea's crest.

Far in the sighing wood
That bows unto her voice, does music dwell,
And makes within the trees her airy cell
In solitude.