Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Poetry | The Reprint Company; Samuel Hart, Sen. | 1845, 1983
Transcription (298)
her drooping head, and as she gazed upon her Infant
Hero, her proud form dilated, her sober eye brightened,
kindled, blazed, as, in prophetic vision, she anticipated her
own and her champion's dazzling triumphs ! It is the
birth-day of Washington ! Shall it not be the Jubilee
of Freedom, sacred to Patriotism, —a Sabbath to our
Country !

LONE remnant of departed time !
Within thy spreading shade
I stood while on thy outstretched arms
The light of morning played.
And while with bounding heart I gazed
Upon thy giant form,
Which, for a thousand vanished years,
Had battled with the storm,
I felt thee in thy towering strength
And loneliness sublime !
Type of true virtue as thou art,
Unscathed by tide or time !

How many a wintry wind that in
Its wild, dread fury came
Hath madly shook with tempest power