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Correspondence | John F. Trow & Co.; The Reprint Company | 1866, 1978
Transcription 157
children, and the men occasionally 20 hours per day.
In lace making, says the last quoted Report, children
sometimes commence work at 2 years of age.
_Destitution.—It is stated by your Commissioners
that 40,000 persons in Liverpool, and 15,000 in Man-
chester, live in cellars ; while 22,000 in England pass
the night in barns, tents, or the open air. " There have
been found such occurrences as 7, 8 and 10 persons in
one cottage, I cannot say for one day, but for whole
days, without a morsel of food. They have remained
on their beds of straw for two successive days, under
the impression that in a recumbent posture the pangs
of hunger were less felt." Lord Brougham's speech,
1 1 th July, 1842. A volume of frightful scenes might
be quoted to corroborate the inferences to be necessa-
rily drawn from the facts here stated. I will not add
more, but pass on to the important inquiry as to
Morals and Education. " Elizabeth Barrett, aged
14: I always work without stockings, shoes or Crow-
sers. I wear nothing but a shift. I have to go up to
the headings with the men. They are all naked there.
I am got used to that." Report on Mines. " As to illicit
sexual intercourse it seems to prevail universally and
from an early period of life.""The evidence might
have been doubled which attests the early commence-
ment of sexual and promiscuous intercourse among
boys and girls."" A lower condition of morals, in the
fullest sense of the term, could not I think be
found. I do not mean by this that there are many
more prominent vices among them, but that moral
feelings and sentiments do not exist. They have
no morals."" Their appearance, manners and moral
atures so far as the word moral can be applied to