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Correspondence | John F. Trow & Co.; The Reprint Company | 1866, 1978
Transcription 158
them are in accordance with their half-civilized con-
dition"—Rep. on Children. " More than half a dozen
instances occurred in Manchester, where a man, his
wife, and his wife's grown up sister, habitually occupied
the same bed." Rep. on Sanitary Condition. Robert
Cruchilow, aged 16 : " I don't know anything of Moses
--never heard of France. I don't know what America
is. Never heard of Scotland or Ireland. Can't tell
how many weeks there are in a year. There are 12
pence in a shilling, and 20 shillings in a pound. There
are eight pints in a gallon of ale."Rep. on Mines.
.Ann Eggly, aged 18 : " I walk about and get fresh air
on Sundays. I never go to Church or Chapel. I
never heard of Christ at all." Ibid. Others : "The
Lord sent Adam and Eve on earth to save sinners."" I don't know who made the world, I never heard
about God."" I don't know Jesus Christ —I never
saw him but I have seen Foster who prays about
him." Employer : " You have expressed surprise at
Thomas Mitchel's not hearing of God. I judge there
are few colliers hereabout that have."—Ibid. I will
quote no more. It is shocking beyond endurance to
turn over your Records in which the condition of your
laboring classes is but too faithfully depicted. Could
our slaves but see it, they would join us in lynching
Abolitionists, which, by the by, they would not now
be loth to do. We never think of imposing on them
such labor, either in amount or kind. We never put
them to any work under ten, more generally at twelve
years of age, and then the very lightest. Destitution
is absolutely unknown never did a slave starve in
America ; .while in moral sentiments and feelings, in
religious information, and even in general intelligence,