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Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond, of South Carolina >> Two Letters on the Subject of Slavery in the United States, Addressed to Thomas Clarkson, Esq. >> Page 186

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Correspondence | John F. Trow & Co.; The Reprint Company | 1866, 1978
Transcription 186
with the sentiments and sympathies of humanity,
exists among us. It has been almost everywhere else
superseded by the modern artificial money power sys-
tem, in which man his thews and sinews, his hopes
and affections, his very being, are all subjected to the
dominion of Capital a monster without a heart
cold, stern, arithmetical sticking to the bond taking
ever " the pound of flesh" working up human life
with Engines, and retailing it out by weight and
measure. His name of old was " Mammon, the least
erected spirit that fell from Heaven." And it is to
extend his Empire, that you and your deluded coadju-
tors dedicate your lives. You are stirring up mankind
to overthrow our Heaven-ordained system of servi-
tude, surrounded by innumerable checks, designed and
planted deep in the human heart by God and nature,
to substitute the absolute rule of this " Spirit Repro-
bate," whose proper place was Hell.
You charge us with looking on our slaves " as
chattels or brutes," and enter into a somewhat elabo-
rate argument to prove that they have " human forms,"
talk," and even " think." Now the fact is that,
however you may indulge in this strain for effect, it is
the Abolitionists, and not the Slave-holders, who prac-
tically, and in the most important point of view, regard
our slaves as " chattees or brutes." In your calculations
of the consequences of emancipation you pass over
entirely those which must prove most serious, and
which arise from the fact of their being persons. You
appear to think that we might abstain from the use
of them as readily as if they were .machines to be laid
aside, or cattle that might be turned out to find pas-
turage for themselves. I have heretofore glanced at