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Speech | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 252
manufacturers again came forward with exorbitant
demands, which were acceded to. Then, for the first
time in thirty years, and by but a few voices, the con-
stitutional power to protect manufactures was ques-
tioned in Congress. It was now obvious that the
protected interest had " an appetite which grew from
what it fed on ; " and that, in this country, in every
period of about four years, for seasons which it is
unnecessary to dwell on here, it required new and
enormous impositions.
Mr. Adams had warmly recommended the Protec-
tive Tariff, and Mr. Clay, giving it the ad captandum
title of the " American System," claimed to be its first
champion, and made it the leading question in the
Presidential canvass, from 1825 to 1829. The South
had opposed it with great vigor and much unanimity
in 1824 ; because, on the principle of communism, it
taxed the agricultural interest to support the manufac-
turing ; and, inasmuch as we furnished two-thirds of
the exports that paid for the imports on which the
duties were levied, it was fully believed, and pretty
clearly demonstrated, that our least populous section
paid nearly two-thirds of the revenue of the Govern-
ment, besides paying the manufacturers an enhanced
price on the protected articles we consumed. Some of
the Eastern States opposed it also, because it injured
commerce and navigation, but they ultimately came in
to its support. The Western and Middle States were
decidedly for it. To secure their support, and yet
retain that of the South, General Jackson gave the
equivocal pledge that he would sustain a " Judicious
Tariff," which in the South was construed to mean a