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Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond, of South Carolina >> Speech on the Admission of Kansas, Under the Lecompton Constitution, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 4, 1858 >> Page 308

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Speech | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 308
to have done so ; but not expecting to be one, I am
ignorant, fortunately, in a great measure, of details ;
and I was glad to hear the acknowledgement of the
Senator from Illinois, since it excuses me from the duty
of examining them.
I hear, on the other side of the Chamber, a great
deal said about " gigantic and stupendous frauds ; "
and the Senator from New York, in portraying the
character of his party and the opposite one, laid the
whole of those frauds upon the pro-slavery party. To
listen to him, you would have supposed that the regi-
ments of immigrants recruited in the purlieus of the
great cities of the North, and sent out, armed and
equipped with Sharpe's rifles and bowie knives and re-
volvers, to conquer freedom for Kansas, stood by, meek
saints, innocent as doves, and harmless as lambs brought
up to the sacrifice. General Lane's Iambs ! They re-
mind one of the famous " lamb. s" of Colonel Kirke, to
whom they have a strong family resemblance. I pre-
sume that there were frauds ; and that if there were
frauds, they were equally great on all sides ; and that
any investigation into them on this floor, or by a com-
mission, would end in nothing but disgrace to the
United States.
But, sir, the true object of the discussion on the
other side of the Chamber, is to agitate the question of
slavery. I have very great doubts whether the lead-
ers on the other side really wish to defeat this bill. I
think they would consider it a vastly greater victory
to crush out the Democratic party in the North, and
destroy the authors of the Kansas-Nebraska bill ; and
I am not sure that they have not brought about this
imbroglio for the very purpose. They tell us that year