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Speech | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription 315
average exports of the United States for the last
twelve years, including the two extraordinary years
of 1856 and 1857. They are nearly double the
amount of the average exports of the twelve preced-
ing years. If I am right in my calculations as to
$220,000,000 of surplus produce, there is not a nation
on .the face of the earth, with any numerous popula-
tion, that can compete with us in produce per capita.
It amounts to $16 66 per head, supposing that we
have twelve millions of people. England with all her
accumulated wealth, with her concentrated and edu-
cated energy, makes but sixteen and a half dollars of
surplus production per head. I have not made a cal-
culation as to the North, with her $95,000,000 surplus ;
admitting that she exports as much as we do, with
her eighteen milEons of population it would be but
little over twelve dollars a head. But she cannot
export to us and abroad exceeding ten dollars a head
against our sixteen dollars. I know well enough that
the North sends to the South a vast amount of the
productions of her industry. I take it for granted that
she, at least, pays us in that way for the thirty or forty
million dollars worth of cotton and other articles we
send her. I am willing to admit that she sends us
considerably more ; but to bring her up to our amount
of surplus production to bring her up to $22( ,000,000
a year, the South must take from her $125,000,000 ;
and this, in addition to our share of the consumption
of the $333,000,000 worth introduced into the country
from abroad, and paid. for chiefly by our own exports.
The thing is absurd ; it is impossible ; it can never
appear anywhere hut in a book of statistics, or a Con-
gress speech.