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Documents | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription EXPLANATORY NOTES 371
called the State Bank, was a private corporation chartered in
1802. By a plan analogous of the arrangement between
Congress and the second Bank of the United States, the South
Carolina General Assembly subscribed part of the stock,
elected one-fifth of the board of directors, and allowed the
State Bank the exclusive privilege of holding deposits of state
and city funds.
58.6 "the Governor's consent": Presumably Pierce Manning
Butler, Governor of South Carolina during 1836-1838. He was
subsequently killed in action commanding the Palmetto Regi-
ment in the Mexican War. Butler and Hammond were joint
owners of Argyle, one of the famous race horses of the day.
67.19 "amonnt": Misprint for "amount."
68.20 "my immediate predecessor": John P. Richardson, Gov-
ernor of South Carolina during 1840-1842.
69.10 "the present incumbent": Robert Q. Pinckney, Secre-
tary of State of South Carolina 1842-1846.
70.13 "compromises of the Constitution" : Hammond refers to
the balance of power between the Upcountry and Lowcountry
established by the South Carolina constitution of 1790, as
amended in 1808.
74.32 "1860": Misprint for "1680."
75.14 "Edmund Ruffin" : Edmund Ruffin (1794–1865), agricultu-
ral experimenter and publicist, produced in 1843 his Report of
the Commencement and Progress of the Agricultural Survey
of South Carolina.
75.23 "the Act of 1840": This law penalized banks for any sus-
pension of payment in hard money and required all banks to
incorporate it as a part of their charters.
76.21 "the Bank of South Carolina" : This institution should not
be confused with the Bank of the State of South Carolina.
77.5 "English Minister for Foreign affairs": George
Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, in the ministry of Sir
Robert Peel.


83.30 "the President of that institution": Franklin Harper
Elmore (1799–1850) was president of the Bank of the State of
South Carolina during 1839-1850. He strongly defended that
Bank against Hammond's efforts to curtail its involvement in
state finances.
88.2 "efficient Adjutant General": James W. Cantey was Adju-
tant General of South Carolina 1841-1853.
93.3 "Mount Dearborn lands" : Mount Dearborn, located in pres-