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Documents | The Reprint Company; John F. Trow & Co. | 1866, 1978
Transcription EXPLANATORY NOTES 375
157.33 "atures": Misprint for "natures."
159.21 "Marquis of Normanby": Constantine H. Phipps, 1st Mar-
quis (1797-1863), a leading Whig Parliamentarian.
164.10 "Thugs": Members of an Indian religious organization
who robbed and murdered in the service of Kali, a god of
165.3 "One of your most illustrious Judges": William
Scott, Lord Stowell (1745-1836).
166.20 "(Art. Ld. Dudley's Letters)": Hammond attributes the
immediately preceding quotation to an article in the London
Quarterly Review for 1840 concerning a book published that
year: John William Ward, Earl of Dudley, Letters to the Bishop of Llandoff.
168.24 William Wilberforce (1759-1833), along with Clarkson
among the best-known of the British abolitionists.
171.9 "Drummond Light": A limelight invented by Thomas
Drummond (1797-1840), a British engineer, had been a
scientific and popular sensation when first displayed in the
172.12 "Mr. O'Connell": Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847), a leader
of the Irish Catholic party in the British Parliament.


174.28 "Martineaus, Marryatts, Trollopes and Dickenses":
Harriet Martineau, Frederick Marryat (sic), Mrs. Frances
Trollope, and Charles Dickens were all English writers who
had published unflattering travel accounts of the United
180.19 "lex talionis" : The law of retaliation.
182.2 "as ... the North British Review, has lately done": The
article quoted, titled "The United States of America," ap-
peared in the North British Review, vol. III, 1844. The senti-
ments reproduced by Hammond were ascribed to "the great
mass of clergy in the Free States," who, while believing
slavery inconsistent with natural rights and the general spirit of
Christianity, did not believe that a crusade against "mere
slave-holding" was justified.
182.7 "the Anti-Slavery Record": A monthly magazine pub-
lished in New York by the American Anti-Slavery Society.
184.24-25 "With hideous ruin and combustion down . . .":
Milton, Paradise Lost, I, 46.
188.10-13 "You are old.... You should be ruled and led by some
discretion" : Shakespeare, King Lear, II, iv.
188.16 "Mr. Macaulay": Thomas Babington Macaulay, Brit-
ish historian, essayist, and official.