Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Poetry | Richardson & Company | 1866
Transcription 26 WAR POETRY OF THE SOUTH.

While their people, with reverence ample,
Brought tribute of praise to the Great,
Whose wisdom and virtuous example,
Made virtue the pride of the State !

Ours, too, was as noble a dawning,
With hopes of the Future as high :
Great men, each a star of the morning,
Taught us bravely to live and to die !
We fought the long fight with our foeman,
And through trial—well-borne—won a name,
Not less glorious than Grecian or Roman,
And worthy as lasting a fame !

Shut the Book ! We must open another !
O Southron ! if taught by the Past,
Beware, when thou choosest a brother,
With what ally thy fortunes are cast !
Beware of all foreign alliance,
Of their pleadings and pleasings beware,
Better meet the old snake with defiance,
Than find in his charming a snare !