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Drama | John R. Thompson | 1852
Transcription Michael Bonham : or, the Fall of Bexar. 25

Bonham. Ay, but there is.
Crockett. What shall be done! Suppose I go and make love to her, out and out—in airnest.
Bonham. Do nothing. Be in readiness. Be prudent.
Let not your tongue be trapp'd again. An hour Will end your doubts and mine. A way, and leave me;
Be not remote ; but keep aloof from me.
Crockett. Dickins! But I wish 'twas well over. I feel ' for all the world as if I was walking in the dark. in snake country, every step among stings and rattles. [Go- ing, but returning.] Oh, look you, Major, I'm thinking you're watched rather closely by that sailor looking critter, yonder ; him there by the urn, or vase, or whatever fine people call that great drenching jug. You see him! He turns his head away, as I look towards him.
Bonham. He may mean evil. Keep your eye upon him, And that may save you from a second lapse.
But let us separate, now.
[Exit Bonham.
Crockett. Only give me work to do. if you wouldn't have me in mischief: That sailor's after no good. He turns just as the Major turns, and now he follows him! Well, as there's no lady in the business, I'll play a third. Any hand but Dummy's, which no man can play after he gets popular. That fellow's after no good. He dogs the Major mighty close; but I'll be the dog for him. He shall have teeth, but no tongue ! [Exit Crockett.
Enter Olivia. Still as the Gipsey.
Olivia, [aside.] My cousin does not conquer! Her
Speaks in her gesture. Whither has he gone ?
Ah, there she comes, again! She seems to seek him : I must not meet with her.
[Exit Olivia.
[Enter Maria and Jacintha—the latter as a Shepherdess.]
Maria. Can it be true! She here!
Jacintha. True, Senora, every word of it ; and there, as I live, she's going now! This very moment.
Maria. Where!
Jacintha. There!
Maria. What, the Gipsey ?
Jacintha. The very same!
Maria. And they have met : these eyes have seen him with her;
His hand in hers, conversing with their palms.
Oh! Hate! they love. I see his purpose now :
She flies to meet him. Married in an hour,
He will disarm the anger of the father,
By pleading through the daughter. But I'll balk them ; Come vengeance, to thy work. Away from me,
All weaknesses of love. Though scorn'd, though baffled, Hopeless in heart, exposed to mock and shame,
Revenge shall yet be mine. Hither Jacintha.
Where did you see my uncle ?
Jacintha. With Don Jose and Don Velasquez, at the Monti tables.
Maria. Auspicious : follow me!

A gaming apartment. The Governor, with several per-sons in military guise, at the table. Don Pedro standing against a column, looking on sullenly. Don Valasquez, of the Cavalry, and Col. Don Sanchez, of the Artillery, at the table, with the Governor.
Governor. I shall surprise you, yet ! Upon the red !
Velasquez. The black for me! If I have luck at all, 'Tis in that colour.
Sanchez. Colour of luck for me,

Seems in no colour of the cards to-night. Methinks, Don Pedro frowns upon our sport He does not play.
Governor. Ah, my brave son-in-law,
Don Pedro ; where's our spirits?
Pedro. in the red ;
If that be deep enough to look like blood.
Governor. You're too bloody-minded! Where's the
Of savage thoughts like these ? Look to the ladies,
Unless you care to play.

Pedro. Is it not time
That you should look to them?
Governor. Ay, very soon : the hour---
Is close upon the signal! There! [Flinging a card.] Velasquez. And there ! [Flinging cards.]
Sanchez, [flinging cards and money.] And there am I. The old predicament !
I'll play no more ! [Rises.
Velasquez. An hundred ounces gone!
Governor. Ha, ha ! my worthy colonel.
Sanchez. Done, sir, done.
Enter Maria suddenly. They all rise but Esteban, who
does not see her. She touches his arm.
Maria. Sleeps Caesar, when conspiracy awakes, And treason, far apart, with mask and dagger,
Watches the fatal moment when to strike.
Governor. How's this. What's this. Ha!
my fair princess,—you !
What ! with your secrets and your stratagems.
Maria. Even so. Away with me : your ears awhile ; I'll ope them with a vengeance.
Governor. What's all this!
[Exeunt Gov. and Maria. Scene closes.


As in Scene I. The Bal Masque. Enter Olivia hurriedly.

Olivia, [solus.] His life ! The life of Amador! A traitor
A Texian rebel ! He, my love—my soul!
Where shall I find—how save him—from this danger ? Oh, cruel cousin, failing to usurp
The love that was mine only, must thou rob
Him of his life and me of all the hope
That made life precious to me ? I must find him—Save him, or perish with him!
Enter Bonham.
Bonham.. My life! My love!
Olivia. My Amador ! My heart ! You are in danger. You are betrayed ! My cousin, to my father, Reveals your secret. By a happy chance, Concealed behind a column in the chamber, I heard her cruel story—saw the passion Which, in her face and voice, disclosed the fury Of woman's passion baffled. She has told him That, by her arts detected, you confess'd
Yourself a Texian rebel—spy in Bexar, You and your comrade.
Oh, my Amador, Even now they threaten.
Tell me, is it true : Are you this traitor ?
Bonham. What, if I confess ?
Olivia. Ah, me, my heart!
Bonham. The foe to Mexico, But not to you, Olivia. False, perchance,
To all beside but thee.
Olivia. Alas! my Atnador,
What is it that you tell me.