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Drama | John R. Thompson | 1852
Transcription Michael Bonham: or, the Fall of Bexar. 27

Bonham. It needs not, Senor. I will spare you
Spare you some breath, and answer ere you ask me—I am suspected, first !
Esteban. No, not exactly, hut
Bonham. 'Tis so. I see it in the eyes of all, And hear it in your accents.
Esteban. Nay, good father! You are too quick, but say that something of this sort is the difficulty, and you will at once see the propriety, and the prudence, tiled the necessity, of accepting my protection ! My officers, you perceive, are furious: it will not he possible to restrain them ; they are terrible as liens in rage, and your only hope of safety is in
Bonham. There needs no parley, Senors. Your 'fierce warriors,
Are not so dreadful in mine eyes, to make me
Seek your protection. You would have my secret. 'Tis yours ! Know me a Texian, and your enemy !
[Throws off the monkish disguise, and appears as a Texan warrior, with hunting shirt. bowie-knife, sword .and belt with pixtols.]
Esteban, [recoiling.] My eyes ! Was ever such a
Pedro. Upon the traitor !
Bonham, [presenting a revolving Colt.] Upon him with what appetite you may!
This little weapon counts a score of lives :
Each ready jaw is {Ten for its victims.
'Who first ? Is't you—or you—or you ? What, none!
{They severally recoil as the pistol is presented. What, Caesar. are these cohorts from Pharsalia ?
Pedro. Oh ! shame; shall this retie traitor mock us
thus .
Upon him all at once—but one can perish!
Bonham. And you that one ! But ere you muster courage
For deed so brave, I'lt summon ,to the game
An equal set of players. [ Winds his bugle, and
that of Crockett's sounds.
hear ye that?
And that ? [Another bugle : from the rear.
Pedro. Treason is busy !
Esteban. 'What a stratagem !
Ring the alarm bell. Bring up the troops;
Fly you, Don Jose, for the cavalry ;
Look, Don Velasquez, for the infantry;
Don Sanchez, see to they artillery:
At once unmuzzle ! I will take command.
See you, Don Pedro, to Don Amador ;
Let him not escape yon. Set upon him, fellows—Do not fear danger. Fly to it as I do !
[Exit Esteban. Pedro, [to Cairales, the Bravo, aside.]
Get thee behind him. When we charge in front, Make in upon bin', and with shortened dagger
Make the work short!
Bonham. Ye are slow to quarrel!
Ye lack the violent spirit of your chief;
And do not fly to danger.
Pedro, [aside.] He disappears—Another moment brings him through the chamber, And the game's ours!
Ho! my brave fellows, must we stand defied
By one foul traitor! Shame upon this baseness ;
Give me your hearts and hands. From all your throats Send up the cry of death—Death to the traitor!
Mexicans. Death to the traitor!
Pedro, [whistle heard.] The signal! Ile is there.
Upon hint now !
[Olivia shrieks front behind.

Bonham. That voice ! That shriek !
Crockett, [from behind.] Hurrah! She's safe !
[Struggle heard, and blows, within.
There's for you, leather jacket ;
A feather for your cap, or I'm mistaken!
[Bonham is about to turn, when the shout of Crockett re-assures him. The Bravo is driven in. staggering from a wound in the head, at the very moment when the attack is made on Bonham in front. The Bravo passes between hire and Pedro, and receives the shot meant for the latter. At this sight, and the entrance of Crockett, the assailants recoil.]
Bonham. What, do ye pause! Is all your courage gone,
With one poor puff of battle ? Lo, we stand,
My comrade and .myself awaiting you
But two to twenty 'O
Pedro. Were our weapons equal,
I'd mate with your alone.
Boich.am. Ha ! say you so ?
Upon these dastards, Davy, like the rush,
Of the flame-torrent o'er the prairie's waste ;
Sweep theiti from sight, while I—This gallant seems More valiant than his comrades; we must hold Meet conference together ; point to point,
In private. Art thou satisfied ? [To Pedro as he puts up his pistol and draws.
Pedro. I am !
Look to it! [Rushes on—they fight.
Crockett. You have the best of it, Major ; you've the man,
But there! I'm good for any twenty.
[Swings his rifle over his head, and rushing upon
them, drives the in out. Bonham, [while fighting with Pedro.] Bravo, com-rade,
You've done your work to shame me. Now for mine! But fly you to the Alamo. It is ours.
I hear the signal. I will follow you!
[Presses Pedro back. Pedro. Hell's curse upon my weakness!
Bonham, [disarming him.] 'Tis already. Behold! A second time, my mercy
Has sufler'd you to live. Beware the third!
Pedro. Demonios ! I am blasted. [Exit. Bonham.
Now for Olivia,—to a place of safety She must be borne, and then—my life ! my love!
Enter Olivia.
Olivia. Art safe?
Bonham. As love could wish.
Olivia. What mean these clamours, Amador ?—that shouting.
Bonham. The sound of combat : said I not, Olivia, 'I hat I had friends and arms ? We shall not perish. Olivia. Alt! but my father.
Bonham. We serail care for him.
But let me bear you to a place of' safety.
Olivia. Where?
Bonham. The Convent of La Guayra. Come—away! The moments now are precious : precious lives Depend upon them. Fear'st thou me, Olivia?
This Texian rebel, traitor, spy!
Olivia. Ah, no more--
I love thee ; fear thee not : will fly with thee!
Bonham. We shall be happy! [Exeunt.
Enter Donna Maria.
Maria, The Convent of La Guayra! All is not lost to vengeance as to love;
The serpent now must overcome the dove. [Exit.