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Drama | John R. Thompson | 1852
Transcription Michael Bonham ; or, the Fall of Bexar. 29

Sparrow. I'faith, yes. It's wonderful. Hereafter we'll call an American bowie, an English grammar—an accidence—a sort of first Beginner for young Mexicans ;—the very rudeiments of the language.
Crockett. Ay ! and a handful of rifle-bullets, the seven parts of speech—seven is it, or nine ?
Sparrow. It don't matter much. They're to learn the language, not we. But I must give this great fellow his third lesson. On. Don Buffalo! [Pricks him with bowie. Governor winces and goes forward.
Crockett. That's what you call a bloody noun, Spar-row.
Sparrow. Clearly. You see how he likes to decline it. But look you, Davy, what chance of breakfast in these diggings? After such a night as we have had, one is apt to hunger a little.
Crockett. Well, there was a famous fine supper cooking in the Governor's kitchen last night. but I reckon it's all burnt up afore now.
Sparrow. Burnt up, while we stand here doing nothing, literally nothing—for the country. I'll save it though I perish! Show me to this kitchen—this palace. Let them fight who want to. I have done enough for this bout. A man of my years is not expected to be every-where. My prisoner will answer for me—what I have done. On, Don Buffalo! l'm mighty sorry to hurry a man of your dimensions ; but look at mine—and I am in a hurry. But I will be amicable, even while I push you, and I promise you that we will breakfast together at your own tables.
Governor, [aside and going.] What a stratagem!
What a stratagem! Bexar lost, and Esteban de Montaneros a captive! It is something to be able to say that I was taken sword in hand.
Sparrow. Slide, my good Don of Buffaloes, your speed
Is needful, if we both again would feed.
Crockett. Give him more grammar, Sparrow. Blood
and 'ouns,
Try him in verbs, and lesson him in nouns,
Until he learns my maxim which, if spread
Through Mexico, would send 'em all ahead!
[Exeunt omnes. Sparrow pressing Don Esteban with the
point of his bowie knife.


The flight approaches the walls of the Alamo. A con-tested battle field. Alarums. The Mexican it fantry recovering under Don Sanchez.

We yet outnumber the rebels. We are two
to one.
Fear nothing, men of Bexar. It needs only one
Bold effort. Follow me. We'll meet them at the
Northern gate of the Alamo.
Mexican soldier. They're in the Alamo !
Sanchez. What then! We'll drive them out. They are but
Few. We shall keep them fighting on both sides-
Milam. Hear you that, brave fellows,
The Governor 's in our hands. The biggest beast In Bexar captive to the smallest bird
That ever flew from Georgia.
Texians, [cheering.] Hurra for Sparrow!
Milam. Here's Crockett too
Brave Dave, himself a host.
Texians. [cheering.] Hurra for Davy Crockett—Congress Davy.
Milam. Where's Bonham?
Crockett. Is he not here!
Milam. I have not seen him.
Crockett. We parted soon after your first bugle. We had it, tooth and nail, in the ball-room. Twenty to two ; and lathered 'em like all the world. I left the Major with his prize.
Milam. What prize?
Crockett. A woman. The Governor's daughter! He's a fellow that can love and fight in the same breath.
A/ilann. No doubt lie's in the Alamo! Harris there, With less than thirty men, maintains his ground, In full possession. The foe without, o'ercome, And town and citadel alike are ourst
One gallant effort more my merry men,
And you may sleep on glory !
Crockett. Ay, or in it! [Exeunt.
Chorus of Texians as they follow.
We will show them that the bold, Still inherit all the hi uits,
And their moustaches and gold, We will pluck up by the roots!


A wood under the walls of the Alamo. Mexicans partially seen within it. Enter Milani, Crockett and Texians.

Milam. Behold the enemy ! They seem prepared, But will not stand our onset. Follow me,
To victory, and, if I fall, avenge me.
[Rushes on. A shot strikes him down. The Mexicans shout—the Texians waver.
Enter Bonham.
Bonham. What ! shrink ye from these dastards—men of straw,
That fight in vapour—never show red-blood,
Or sicken at sight of it. For shame!
The old Thirteen, the great Southwest, the North, The Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee,
Countries of Bunker Hill and Saratoga,
Cowpens and Eutaw, Moultrie's isle, Savannah, Are looking to your actions, as their sons,—They must not be dishonored ! To that howl
Of these faint-hearted Mexicans—these braggarts, Give answer, my brave comrades, with another, Shall make them shake with agues. Milam's down!
! Stone dead ! But what of that : his spirit rises
Within and without. Come on ! God and the republic! Above us now, and summons us to vengeance. [Exeunt Mexicans. Enter Milam and Texians.
Out, bowie knives, and let the work be close; I'll show ye to begin it. Follow me!
Milam. They fly before us. They can hold no ground With the old Saxon stock. My merry men, But one more tug and the whole field is ours!
Enter Crockett.
Crockett. Hurrah! hurrah! the Governor's in our hands,
Captured by Sparrow !
[Charge. Texians rush onward with a shout. Battle fluctuates. At length the Mexicans disappear—the
Texians following, leaving in the field of battle a
group, Richard Harris dying, and William Harris-
supporting his head.
R. Harris. My head swims round. The shadows ow my sight