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Drama | John R. Thompson | 1852
Transcription 32 Michael Bonham ; or, the Fall of Bexar.

Maria, [in low tones, approaching him.] He asks her not.
Nurse not this flattering fancy in your thought, For resolute to make my triumph sure,
And leave your heart as desolate as mine,
I whispered him that woman, in her mood,
Is never more consenting than when most
She makes denial. Bade him never heed
The outward show of anger in her eye,
Or its sharp, bitter accent on her lips
These, did I say, were natural to the weak,
The frail protectors of the woman's secret.
So stubborn is he made by my tuition,
I tell thee. Amador, he will make her his,
Though the last accent on her palsied tongue
Be gasped in mortal agony.
Bonham. No more.
Woman, away. I'll hearken thee no more.
[Bonham rushes out.
Maria. He has it here. Ha! Ha! he has it here.
[Presses her hand upon her heart, and suddenly sinks, swooning into the arms of Don Esteban.]
Esteban, [supporting her to sofa.] Jesu! Was ever such a stratagem!
[Scene closes.


A wood near the convent of La Guayra. The convent seen
in the distance. Pedro discovered in the wood.

Pedro, [watching.] He's lost within the gate. 'Tis my last hope
The project is a good one. That old fool,
And dastard, Esteban, would surely name it
A stratagem. 'Tis something more than his ;
More like to be successful. How my soul
Burns with impatience. Love and hate unite
To goad me into phrenzies of new passion,
That will not let me rest. Thanks to this woman; Her subtle wit be honored, that, at last,
When most I felt despondency could rouse me, To hope and to performance. Whence her malice, I neither know nor care, but if it prospers,
I'll take her as my counsellor through life.
Holy Maria, be my patroness,
Give me to triumph now above my foe,
That fierce and wily enemy, and claim
My homage ever after.
Mexican soldier. The gates unfold, my lord.
Pedro. Thanks, holy virgin. Thanks ! We have her now.
She's ours. She comes. And victor in the end, Though Bexar and the Alamo both be lost,
I bless my happy fortune. Hark, aside,
Spread yourselves, soldiers, but concealed be nigh, So that we lose her not again. She conies.
Enter Olivia and Mexican in disguise.
Olivia. Where do you lead me? Where is Amador? Pedro, [emerging; from shade.] Here's one who loves you better.
Olivia. I am lost, Don Pedro.
Pedro [takes her hand.] Nay, saved.
Olivia. Unhand me, Senor.
Pedro. You strive in vain. My arms are thrown around you,
Never to loose again. Your father's rights,
And mine, beneath his sanction, both demand
That, with a gentle force.
Olivia. This violence
Pedro. Is but the action of a faithful love That will not lose its labor.
Olivia, [screams.] Ambassador! Ambassador.
Pedro. How like a child,
You waste your feeble strength in feebler struggles. You call in vain. Within the Alamo's walls Your traitor lover lies. Would you oppose Your woman strength to mine ?
Olivia. Ay! though I perish.
Sooner than yield to thee, I welcome death. My Amador. Oh! come to me and save.
Pedro. Your shrieks are vain. Your struggles!
I must use
The needful force for safety.
Olivia, [ faintly.] Amador ! Help.
He carries her out struggling. Scene closes.

Another part of the wood. Enter Bonham with Texian soldiers.

Bonham. Methought I heard a cry. A woman's voice.
'Twas from this wood it rose, and look, the marks Of striae upon the ground.
1st Texian. A woman's track.
Bonham. 'Tis hers! 'Tis hers ! That fury's tale was true.
Follow me, comrades, as you love me, follow.
[Exeunt Omnes.


The Forest. Pedro and party hurrying Olivia in flight.

Pedro. We are past all danger, and you strive in vain,
Submission now were wisest. You are mine.
Olivia. Oh ! hateful, how I loathe thee. Never in vain
The struggle against injustice—never wise
Submission to the criminal. If I call
Vainly on him I love, the God who hears
Will send me a deliverer. Hear me, heaven--
Mv Amador. Where are you. Amador?
Bonham, [from the forest. Here, my Olivia, here. Pedro. Pursued ? Demonios !
Olivia. Safe, 0! safe.
Bonham, [bursting in—Pedro releases Olivia and turns
upon him.] Ah, villian, you are sped.
Pedro. Fiends light upon you.
Olivia, [passing behind Bonham.] Oh! Amador,—you save me twice.
Bonham. [ To Texians.] Drive out this scum while I dispatch this ruffian.
Texians with a shout rush on Mexicans and drive them out.
Bonham. [To Pedro.] Twice have I spared you, villain. When but late
You sunk before my arm, I bade von then
Dread our third meeting. We have met and now Look to your weapon. Mercy from my breast Is banished. This last villainous assault
On one who hates and scorns you, has rooted out All seeds of pity. On your sword your life. Be ready.